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"Be Prepared"

Honour Patrol
What We're Doing

Some Links

Here's some links that contain information about scouting or about some of the things we like doing.

Scouts Canada
Website of the national organization.  It describes all the programs that we're part of.  You can also find all of those forms that you need here. (Parent consent form)

Bisset Trail
Close to home and one of our favourite places to hike

Nova Scouter
The official home of scouts in Nova Scotia

World Scout Movement
The home of the World Headquarters in Geneva

Hidden treasure all around the world.

How Stuff Works
Ever wonder how it works?

Badge Checklist
This site is great for earning scout badges! It has an excellent description and an awesome checklist!

Animated Knot Tying
Need to learn how to tie a knot? This is an awesome website where you can see how it's tied step by step in animation!

Baden Powell Info Want to learn more about Baden Powell? This is a site for you!

2nd Eastern Passage Venturers Want a peek at the Venturers' website? Here it is!